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$125 million Material Girl: Madonna tops Forbes' top-earning celebrity

She may be a Material Girl but it seems Madonna, 55, is rather shrewd when it comes to hoarding (as opposed to spending) money. The pop star is the world's top-earning celebrity according to Forbes, raking in an estimated $125 million (£80 million) in the past year, mainly from her $305 million-grossing MDNA tour.

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Azealia Banks, O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire, London

That's no way, as Leonard Cohen once pointed out, to say goodbye. After a measly 45-minute-set the skimpily-clad Harlem rapper has like, Keyser Soze, vanished, without an encore, or a bye your leave. It does, to be fair, fit the whole explosive, truncated experience, which contains zero padding, no filler.