Mark Ronson

The Rumble Strips, Dingwalls, London

When Devon five-piece The Rumble Strips burst on to the scene, they were an unpretentious, brassy breath of fresh air in a sea of posturing hipsters.

Album: Maxine Brown, Best of the Wand Years, (Kent)

Revered by Dave Godin and the early aficionados of soul, Maxine Brown – who's still singing – has failed to gain her rightful place in the pantheon, perhaps because her good-time, New York City pop-soul lacked southern sass or tragedy in the-making.

My Fantasy Band - Mark Ronson

Vocals - Stevie Wonder and Steve Winwood

Can I have two? Stevie Wonder is just the most amazing singer of all time so he has to be there. Steve Winwood was for me the first important white soul singer I ever heard and he blew me away. I think they'd work well together but Steve would probably modestly let Stevie take centre stage.

Album: Santogold, Santogold (Lizard King)

Santogold is the nom-de-microphone of Philadelphia-born Santi White, who graduated from a posh Quaker-run school and an even posher Methodist university to get a job as an A&R person at Epic, and is best known to British audiences for her turn on Mark Ronson's 'Version'.

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