12 killed in Pakistan bus bombing

A powerful bomb ripped through a minibus terminal in north-west Pakistan today, killing at least 12 people including four children, officials said.

Kenyan police under investigation over deaths

Kenya's largest newspaper printed shocking images yesterday of what appeared to be undercover police shooting three unarmed suspects at point-blank range on a busy Nairobi highway during midday, prompting a barrage of criticism.

Once it was a Jag. Now Prezza travels by minibus

Campaigning has been an unpredictable business over the years for John Prescott. Back in 2001, his tour was punctuated by that unforgettable left jab delivered unerringly to the chin of Craig Evans, a local farm worker, who had landed an egg on Britain's most belligerent MP. This time round, Mr Prescott received a warmer welcome – a couple of kisses from two rather more attractive, and supportive, voters.

Extreme family: It lacks luxury but a break in the Welsh countryside

I'm a bit jealous of my children. They get to go on school trips to activity centres, have quadded and go-karted with PGL and often throw themselves around on boats and in tents with the cubs and Woodcraft Folk. I, meanwhile, spend my holidays on a sun lounger with one eye on my BlackBerry, feeling guilty about not using the hotel gym.

Kia Sedona 2.9 CRDi LS

Look hard enough and there’s something unique in every car; some little quirk that makes it special.

Pandora: It's all Greek to Boris

It is a bold move, given the stiff relations between Greece and Turkey and Boris Johnson's Ottoman heritage (the Tory London mayoral candidate's great-grandfather, Ali Kemal – who came to Britain 98 years ago – was a Turkish journalist and, briefly, interior minister). Tonight, Bozza will take to the airwaves of London Greek Radio for 20 minutes to address the Mediterranean nation's estimated 400,000-strong British diaspora.

The Complete Guide To: Zanzibar

The exotic name says it all: these islands off the east coast of Africa are a heady mix of coral beaches, weird wildlife, spicy history – and voodoo, says James Palmer