Summer on the beach: the Italian Riviera

It's got glitz, it's got glamour, and it's got some of the best seafood you'll taste in the whole of Italy. Sarah Barrell reveals how to get the best out of a holiday in Liguria

Trail of the Unexpected: La dolce vita lives and lunches at the Hotel

The best travel tip I ever had came from my late father. If you don't have the money to stay in a smart hotel, he said, then stay somewhere cheap but try to muster enough for lunch in the posh place. Then you can legitimately arrive early, linger all afternoon, and feel as though you're part of the beau monde. After all, who needs a cavernous bedroom with swags on the tails and tails on the swags? All you need is a bed. But every holiday should have a long, lazy lunch in fabulous surroundings, then an hour or two by a sparkling pool, ideally with waiters providing small chilled aerosols of mist to stop you overheating. If you can afford to stay the night, so much the better. If you can't, you've still had a five-star experience.

Equestrianism: Whitaker last but not least

Michael Whitaker will be riding his Windsor Grand Prix winner, Amai, when he goes last for the British team in today’s Samsung Super League Nations Cup.  Derek Rickett, who named the team yesterday on the opening international day of the Royal International Horse Show, has chosen Geoff Luckett to go first (with Britain having been drawn in the opening slot, he will be first in the entire competition). Charlotte Platt, a 22-year-old newcomer to the Super League, will go next for Britain, followed by Duncan Inglis.