Proportional Representation

Why Chuka Umunna and Nick Clegg are wrong on electoral reform

It's odd for a Labour politician to suggest that what was wrong with the government formed after the 2015 election, in which the Conservatives and Ukip won 50.6 per cent of the Great British vote, was that it didn't have Nigel Farage as a minister in it

Mary Ann Sieghart: We need more independents to break the parties'

Fed up with all three main parties? Fancy a bold, clever, sensible independent candidate to represent your city? That's what Londoners are being offered on Thursday, but the political and media establishments are doing their best to crush her. We have a 20th-century political system failing to cope with 21st-century politics.

Baroness Warsi under fire for invoking BNP in anti-AV speech

Baroness Warsi, the Conservative Party chairman, was accused of scoring a spectacular own goal last night in a speech about the British National Party, provoking calls from some Tory MPs for David Cameron to move her in a summer reshuffle.

Tories quick to come out against voting reform

David Cameron and Nick Clegg were hit by a rebellion yesterday over their plan to hold a referendum on the voting system next May on the same day as elections to the Scottish Parliament, Welsh assembly and English councils.

Critics of deal with Tories emboldened by PM's announcement

The parliamentary Liberal Democrats were locked in talks for much of last night over whether they should join a coalition government with the Conservatives or Labour and a so-called "rainbow coalition" of smaller parties. Discussions began at 10pm and ended just after midnight, with further talks planned for today.

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