Healthy shots and smoothies

Who'd have thought shots in the morning would be a good idea. But these intense shots and smooties created out of of berries, juices and root vegetables get the morning off to a flying start

A touch of spice

As part of the Cookbook Confidential, Julia Platt Leonard reviews Chetna Makan's first book The Cardamom Trail as she infuses Indian colour into Western baked favourites

How to make the ultimate margherita at home

I have dedicated much of my life to the pursuit of amazing pizza, that elusive delight. For something so simple, made of such few ingredients, the variety – and difference in quality – is staggering. I have eaten pizza all over the world, trained with master Roman pizza maker Gabriele Bonci and even run my own pizzeria. I have made pizza in every home oven I have ever had (and with my travel-happy life, that’s a lot of ovens), each oven with its own quirks, for good and for bad. This recipe is the result of that labour.

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