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Lisa Jewell: 'I married someone I didn’t love. I was too polite to

My first book came about over a bet I had a drunken conversation with a friend about some day writing a book, and she said, "If you write me three chapters, I'll take you for dinner at your favourite restaurant." So I did [the resulting book, Ralph's Party, was the biggest-selling debut novel of 1999], and she made me send it out to agents. When one of those agents liked it and told me Penguin wanted to pay me £120,000 to write my first two books, I thought everyone had gone mad.

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Mancini: Cup defeat gave us the edge over United

Roberto Mancini, the Manchester City manager, declared yesterday that his side are now “the best team in Manchester” but, in another wounding statement for the club they share a city with, reflected that: “It's not important to beat United twice or beat Chelsea, it's only important to win a championship in the end.”