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Sean Connery

Tributes to John Barry, the man with the Midas touch for movie music

The skill of a great film composer is to marry moving images with sound in such a way that they seem organically linked. Yesterday the superlative John Barry united film and music one last time, as figures from both circles offered tributes to his career on the news of his death at 77.

Bridge will miss Wembley Cup final

Warrington coach Tony Smith has effectively ruled Chris Bridge out of his line-up for the Challenge Cup final by naming him in his squad for the Carnegie Floodlit Nines at Headingley tonight.

Sean Connery at 80

Daniel Read and Emily Dugan shake up 80 stirring facts to mark the actor's birthday this week

Movies that have golfers off to a tee

Mike Leigh's new film features a sequence on a course, and Ken Loach's also follows its characters on the fairway. Geoffrey Macnab drives at why golf is so attractive to directors

James Bond supercar for sale - video

A car that starred in two of super-spy James Bond's most famous adventures is expected to make around £3.5 million when it is sold at auction.

Observations: Toy story shows Ernö's still the man with the golden

Ernö Goldfinger – the architectural establishment's favourite villain (the inspiration for his Bond-baddy-namesake, no less) – was not just the man behind Brutalism's favourite behemoth, Trellick Tower in London's Kensington. He also had a softer side. Just look at the exhibition currently showing at Hampstead's 2 Willow Road (Goldfinger's one-time home and now a National Trust property). It features the architect's lesser-known work on Abbatt's toy shop, a Wimpole Street outlet best-known as an exemplar of 1930s Modernism, containing many a twee treat too. "It was more of a gallery built at child-height," says the curator Jane Audas. "It was full of traditional wooden toys sourced from all over the world and sharp children's furniture."

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What traffic? Go to work on a Jetpack

Put away the Gulf Stream and park your Lamborghini, the ultimate in transportation accessories is on the market and will be yours for just £50,000, if you are prepared to wait one year for delivery. This is the machine that will really impress your friends – assuming you don't mow them down upon arrival.

Rob Roy

Directed by Michael Caton-Jones