Steve Coogan

WATCH: Aha! It's the trailer for The Alan Partridge Movie

The Alan Partridge Movie has been seven years in the making, but we didn't dare believe it would ever become a reality until today - the films first trailer has just been released. The movie itself will be out August 7th this year.

Sky has last laugh after raid on BBC comedy talent

An 11-year-old boy from an Irish village, whose previous biggest role was as Bashful in a local production of Snow White, has been named one of the breakthrough stars of the year after receiving a surprise nomination for the British Comedy Awards.

Glenn Mulcaire granted hack case appeal

Private investigator Glenn Mulcaire has been given permission to appeal to the Supreme Court against orders that he cannot rely on privilege against self-incrimination in the phone-hacking proceedings.

Comedy: Ungagged comics

For publishers, the big comedy Christmas book is central to the festive season – as familiar as cold turkey or an unwelcome visit from an annoying relative. Trouble is, most publishers are pretty useless at predicting smash hits.

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Diary: Rupert facing a holy war?

While I was taught from an early age to show proper respect to the confused and the elderly, the sight of a beaming Rupert Murdoch proudly clad in his shorts this week made me think more Mr Burns from The Simpsons than all-powerful head of a morally bankrupt media empire.

Vic and Bob raise a cheer with Afternoon Delights

Following on from its partnership with Steve Coogan, which produced some acclaimed internet shorts featuring Alan Partridge, corporate comedy sponsor Foster's is about to unleash Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer's Afternoon Delights on the web.