Stuart Rose

Paxman raises the big issue for British men: do M&S pants give enough

Jeremy Paxman is not known for staying silent when vexed by an issue. Having finally despaired of what he says is the declining quality of Marks & Spencer underpants and socks, the Newsnight host finds himself a reluctant flag-bearer for the legions of British men being let down by sub-standard briefs.

Dom Joly: How I became a high-flying assassin

To the Maldives for a week's scuba diving with Stacey. I love starting a column with the words "To somewhere..." as it sounds very international jet set. Whenever anyone writes a diary column for a magazine such as The Spectator, say Joan Collins or The Duchess of Kent, it always starts with something like: "To Villa Este for Count Borginose's 60th birthday celebrations. Paolo De Montiforte was there, looking not a day older than he did at Jonny Morgan's legendary bash in Naples in the summer of 1958."