Terry Venables

Caught in the Net: A head that never stops talking

And you may find yourself giving a speech at one of the most highly respected academic conferences in the world about the intersection between architecture and music, as one of Talking Heads frontman David Byrne's most famous songs did not begin. Following his enthralling conversion of London's Roundhouse venue into one giant musical instrument a little over a year ago, Byrne gave a talk at a recent TED conference which baffled and impressed critics in equal measure. Far from burning down the house, Byrne claims, we should be investigating its effect on the acoustics of the musical experiences we love. Jumpy and caffeinated as ever, the lecture, recorded in February but only released last week, deserves a watch, at ind.pn/aVlvH9

Diary: England star to burger man

Peter Crouch's Pringles commercial is surely the least dignified of the current England team's advertising appearances. But we can safely laugh at the foibles of today's Premiership players – they have multimillion-pound sponsorship deals to mitigate the hurt of our mockery, after all. There's tragedy, however, in the tales of those former England stars reduced to selling unbecoming brands to supplement their dwindling memorabilia sales. Terry Venables sings for his supper to sell The Sun. John Barnes raps (again) for Mars. And, worst of all, we've learnt that Gordon Banks is promoting Gourmet Burger Kitchen's World Cup Menu by agreeing to let the burger chain rebrand itself as "Gordon Banks's Kitchen" for the duration of the tournament. Banks was the man between the sticks in 1966 when England lifted the World Cup, and perpetrated perhaps the finest save in football history (from the boot of Brazil legend Pelé in 1970, non-fans). Now he's flogging chunky fries. What are you doing, Gordon?

Capello in total control as England seek higher level

For about 15 seconds yesterday evening, David Bentley was back in the frame to play for England as Fabio Capello suffered one of those memory lapses that used to affect Sven Goran Eriksson – who often struggled when it came to those annoying little details like the names of his players.

Adams named as Portsmouth boss

Former Arsenal and England defender Tony Adams has been named as the new manager of Barclays Premier League Portsmouth.

Gerrard happy to embrace new era of pragmatism

New era, a fresh start, an air of excitement. All the usual phrases were in place yesterday as England's players were asked their immediate impressions, after just one evening together and one training session, of the Capello regime. But one comment, made by Steven Gerrard and referring to the England head coach's maiden address to his squad on Sunday night, as they met at the five-star seclusion of the Grove Hotel on the outskirts of Watford, stood out. "He never once mentioned individuals," Gerrard said. "It was all about the team winning. He wants to instill a winning team."