Yasser Arafat

Robert Fisk: What kind of Syria can survive this bitter battle for

The violence grows worse. The Arab League throws up its hands in despair. Madame Clinton may huff and puff at the UN. But the Syrian regime and the stalwarts of the old Baath Party don't budge. Only the Arabs are unsurprised. For Syria – the Mother of One Arab People, as the Baathists would have it – is a tough creature, its rulers among the most tenacious in the Middle East, used to the slings and arrows of their friends as well as their enemies. Syria's "No" to anything but total Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights in return for peace is almost as famous as De Gaulle's "Non" to British entry to the EU.

Rabbi Moshe Hirsch: Ultra-Orthodox Jewish leader who became an adviser

Moshe Hirsch was one of the leaders of the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish anti-Zionist faction Neturei Karta (Aramaic for "Guards of the City"). He pioneered Neturei Karta's relationship with the Palestinian political leadership, and was described as "Yasser Arafat's minister of Jewish affairs". His activity at the small movement's diplomatic front turned it from a marginal phenomenon in the Jewish world into a world-famous alternative to mainstream Jewish thinking. However conspicuous, though, the group was and remains tiny in membership and influence.

Morgan steers England to victory

Eoin Morgan and Kevin Pietersen shared England's best ever stand in Twenty20 cricket to down world champions Pakistan by seven wickets in Dubai today.

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