40% of us then reveal the details on Facebook and Twitter

84% of us eavesdrop on other people’s conversations on public transport, research by O2 has revealed.

In drawing up a guide to ‘phone etiquette’, the mobile network has found that many people are unwittingly revealing the details of their lives to hundreds of people. Making matters worse, 74% then gossip with their friends about the overheard conversation, and 40% of us reveal details on Facebook and Twitter.

Unless you’re one of the 6% who actually enjoy having your calls overhead, keep an eye out for those with their ears pricked up. It turns out that the majority of people are obliviously revealing innermost details, ranging from salary or work gossip (48% of conversations) to doctor results (23%).

Just over a third of us are apparently willing to reveal details of an important business deal, 17% talk about relationship breakups, and 13% of overheard conversations are about intimate details of our personal lives.

Teenagers are found to be the worst group for talking loudly on their phone, followed by businessmen and then the slightly too intoxicated.