India, Jamaica or Miami: a hot holiday during the winter months might be cheaper than you think

While for many September might mean preparing for the long, cold slog until next summer, for a lucky few it means the beginning of the hot winter holiday season.

This year things could be different. Using their new ‘Explore’ tool, the travel search engine KAYAK has discovered that financially, the winter sun is much closer than most people think.

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The company have put together a list of the places where temperatures still average 26 degrees throughout October, November and December, but cost under £650 to reach.  In November it is possible to get a return flight to see world’s tallest building in Dubai for as little as £266, whilst a December return for Christmas in Mumbai will only set you back £360. 

Transatlantic, a return flight to Florida costs £464 in October.  In November it is even possible to get as far as Cancun in Mexico for just £485. 

If you don’t fancy spending even that much, or prefer somewhere a little closer to home, you can still reach the sun in Cyprus next month for a wallet-friendly £148, or Tenerife for £169.

Annie Wilson, UK Managing Director of KAYAK, is convinced winter sun seekers are an easy to please bunch, “Today’s holidaymakers are very sensible to their needs when it comes to booking a break and for many the date and guarantee of sunshine is often more important than the destination itself.”

The only hard part will be coming home again.