One of the Ryanair planes at Dublin Airport with a damaged wing after hitting another Ryanair plane. / Paul Roche/PA Wire

Part of a wing broke off during the collision

Passengers on-board two Ryanair flights faced delays this morning, after two aircrafts clipped wings on the ground at Dublin Airport.

An image taken from the runway shows part of the wing torn off of the 7:10am service to Edinburgh, after it collided with the 7:15am flight to Zadar, Croatia.

After the planes hit, Dublin Airport – Ireland’s busiest - tweeted to warn passengers of potential delays.

“A ground incident is causing delays to some departures this morning. Arrivals are operating normally. Please check with your airline. It appears that two aircraft clipped each other on a taxiway,” the airport said.

Passengers on the two flights were taken off the planes, but no injuries were reported.

A spokesman for Ryanair said: "The winglet of one aircraft appears to have scraped the tail fin of the other. Both aircraft were under the instruction of Dublin Airport Air Traffic Control at the time.

"Customers have been bussed back to the terminal and will board replacement aircraft to continue their journeys to Edinburgh and Zadar. Ryanair apologises sincerely to customers for any inconvenience caused."

Passenger Shannen Murphy, who was on the plane headed for Edinburgh, told MailOnline that she felt a "jerk in the plane" as the jets hit. The pilot then told passengers there had been “an incident” with another plane which meant passengers would have to return to the terminal.

She added that passengers were kept on the plane for around 90 minutes as they waited for buses to arrive to take them to another part of the terminal. They eventually arrived in Edinburgh on a separate plane approximately three hours behind schedule, she said.

Other passengers took to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

The incident is the second time in six months that two Ryanair planes have collided at Ireland's busiest airport.

In October a Ryanair jet had its winglet torn off when it collided with another plane belonging to the budget carrier at Dublin Airport, Mail Online reported.

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