'I love Miami - it's really energising because it's so beautiful'

First holiday memory?

A caravan holiday, somewhere in Wales with my parents and sister. I have lovely memories of sitting outside eating barbecued food with them.

Best holiday?

Koh Samui in Thailand. I first went the January after the 2004 tsunami and I absolutely fell in love with it; we were supposed to be going to the Maldives but had to cancel that and went to Koh Samui instead. It's a beautiful place and the people were so genuine; they couldn't do enough to help us.

Favourite place in the British Isles?

Tenby, in Pembrokeshire, Wales, which is about an hour from where I grew up. It's like a picture postcard and I have great memories of going to the beautiful beaches with our aunts and cousins as a child. We'd sit on the harbour wall and eat fish and chips at the end of the day.

What have you learnt from your travels?

I've learnt lots about different cultures and ways of life, particularly from visiting places like Japan. I've also learnt how to pack better and take things in my stride.

Ideal travelling companion?

My mum because I don't get much time off and when I do we try to go away together. She gets very excited about going to new places and really researches where we're going so she's like my tour guide.

Beach bum, culture vulture or adrenalin junkie?

With my life the way it is, I'm definitely into beaches. I like to be somewhere I can relax, read a book, go for a massage and go out for a good meal in the evenings. It's all about getting myself rested and ready to start work again.

Better to travel or arrive?

Definitely to arrive. I travel a lot: recently I've travelled to Miami, Spain, Kosovo and I'm about to go to New Zealand, Australia and Japan. When I'm working abroad, I try to make sure I have at least one day off to go out and explore. It's really important to have done something other than just perform.

Greatest travel luxury?

I like to take a good moisturiser and lip balm on the plane so that my skin doesn't dry out. If I've got to sing after I've been on a long journey I like to make sure I've got a flat bed on the plane so that I'm rested when I arrive.

Holiday reading?

I tend to read reviews on the internet and then go out and buy a few books.

I'm reading A Million Little Pieces by James Frey at the moment.

Where has seduced you?

Thailand, because I keep going back. I want to really get to know it. I'll probably go in January.

Worst travel experience?

Only lost luggage, which is really frustrating.

Worst holiday?

I once went to Gran Canaria and I didn't like the resort I was staying at; I was told it was on the beach but it was halfway up a cliff. I don't think I chose well so it wasn't a reflection on the island.

Favourite walk/swim/ride/drive?

I like walking along the beach in Miami. It's really energising because it's so beautiful and I'm inspired by the people because they're so health-conscious. I also love walking around Cannes.

Worst hotel?

I've stayed in some hotels that have been a bit scary, but I won't reveal the names.

Best hotel?

The Tongsai Bay in Koh Samui. It's just amazing.

Best meal abroad?

I had a really good steak with my manager at Shelly's Steak Bar in New York. It was huge!

First thing you do when you arrive somewhere new?

Unpack then go out and get something healthy like a juice to boost my vitamins after the flight, then go for a good meal.

Dream trip?

I really want to go to Zanzibar because it sounds quite unspoilt and exotic. I'd also love to go to Fiji and Bora Bora.

Favourite city?

I love New York because the shops are so fantastic and it's such a vibrant city. I also love Rome and Paris and, of course, Cardiff and Swansea.

Where next?

Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

The opera singer Katherine Jenkins is an ambassador for Montblanc accessories