Voices in Danger A platform for stories of journalists killed, kidnapped, jailed or threatened just for doing their jobs

An extract from Anna Politkovskaya, a decade after her assassination

An extract from an interview with Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, published in Index on Censorship magazine in 2005, the year before she was murdered for her work. On the 10th anniversary of death, it has been included within a special report on her legacy in Index on Censorship's latest issue 

Zein al-Rifai A light on Aleppo

Zein al-Rifai is a 28-year-old freelance photographer and video-journalist from Aleppo. He is a Rory Peck News finalist for his coverage of daily life in the rebel-held area of the city – the former economic capital of Syria – for AFPTV.

Yahya Hassouna Gaza 2014: life on the front line

Yahya Hassouna is a Palestinian cameraman living and working in Gaza.  He is a Rory Peck News finalist for work that he shot for AFP during and after the war in summer 2014. Here he looks back on that time and describes living through and filming the conflict on his doorstep.