Great British Bake Off: Mary Berry does not want to see 'a large person' judging

Berry makes an effort to stay trim for the BBC contest so viewers don't say, 'Look what happens when you eat cake!'

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Mary Berry never wants to see a fat person judging the Great British Bake Off because it might put viewers off cake.

The 80-year-old presenter has made an effort to slim down since her Eighties food shows to be a good role model for eating in moderation, despite making a living from scoffing biscuits and pastries.

“You don’t want somebody who’s judging cakes to be large,” she told the Sunday Times food magazine. “Or else people will say, ‘Look what happens when you eat cake’. I eat carefully because people don’t want to see a large person judging cakes.”

Of course, the last thing Berry wants to do is discourage people from enjoying the odd slice of chocolate fudge brownie.

“I think to eat cake is very good for us but it’s the size of the slice and how often you have it,” she said.

“I’m very disciplined. I make myself eat one piece of toast for breakfast. When I’m doing Bake Off, I eat soup for lunch. I know what puts on weight for me, it’s just over-indulgence.”

This year’s Bake Off comes to a climactic close on Wednesday night, when finalists Nadiya Jamir Hussain, Tamal Ray and Ian Cumming will battle for kitchen glory. 

Last week’s semi-final saw 10.2 million viewers watch 19-year-old Flora Shedden sent home, with the final expected to be the biggest episode in the hit BBC show’s history.