David McKittrick

Belfast-born David McKittrick has been reporting on Northern Ireland since 1971, He has written for the East Antrim Times, the Irish Times and was The Independent's Irish correspondent for many years. He is the author of several books including Making Sense of the Troubles (2000) and Lost Lives (1999).

Joep Lange: Scientist and researcher in the forefront of the battle

Joep Lange was one of the many Aids researchers who died in Ukraine on Flight MH17, depriving the world of an invaluable store of expertise on the HIV virus. For decades he combined meticulous research, theoretical insights, international administration and academic work with an astonishing passion and determination to fight the disease.

Kenny Kingston: Psychic to the stars whose list of visitors from the

Among the people Kenny Kingston kept in close contact with during his long and prosperous life were Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Princess Diana and the Duchess of Windsor. Or so he said. His circle of acquaintances, he insisted, also encompassed large numbers of notable figures including John Wayne, Bette Davis and the Duchess of Windsor (before she died). Presidents Truman and Eisenhower consulted him, he said, on their electoral chances.

Sir John Gorman: Soldier decorated for destroying a German super-tank

Sir John Gorman spent time in the forefront of campaigns against the Nazis and the IRA, winning a Military Cross in Normandy by knocking out a supposedly impregnable German super-tank and working with British intelligence against the IRA in the 1950s. At other points he was engaged in less dangerous but still challenging roles in Troubles politics, as well as running Northern Ireland housing at a time when it was particularly fraught with sectarian sensitivities.

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