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Alternative chocolate recipes

If you thought chocolate was only a post-dinner treat, think again. It can be a delicious midday snack or even used subtly in a hearty stew

10 key trends from London Collections: Men

Super long sleeves, extreme denim and anarchic dressing are what's in store for spring/summer 2017's most fashionable men. After four days of shows Sarah Young considers the top trends that you'll be wearing this time next year

Rosa's Thai Cafe: Easy stir fry recipes

Born in the east and raised in the East End Saiphin Moore puts together family recipes from her home in northern Thailand in the new cook book Rosa's Thai Cafe 

Bagged a bargain or been anchored?

Cognitive bias is a dangerous tool – it can even affect judges’ sentencing – but retailers ruthlessly employ it to persuade us we’re clever shoppers, as Joseph Devlin found out

‘Leicester for the league? I always had a hunch...’

Ever since Richard III got a proper burial in Leicester, things have gone right for the city's soccer team (as it happens, based at King Power stadium). But what might the crafty monarch have made of it? Thanks to a new book, we can find out...

Breaking ground

Florals are a tried, tested but somewhat tired fashion trope – but not this season, as all manners of designers give them all manners of makeovers. Alexander Fury plucks the best of the bunch of the season’s reimagined blooms

Bar Boulud, Knightsbridge, SW1

Your heart may not leap with recognition at Daniel Boulud's name, but it comes trailing clouds of glory from New York, where he's a big star. Originally from Lyon, he relocated to the Grand Pomme in 1982. Eleven years later, in 1993, his first restaurant, Daniel, opened to acclaim and has just picked up its third Michelin star. In the intervening 17 years, he opened four more New York establishments, and sister restaurants in Florida, Las Vegas and Vancouver. He even, with the Maison Boulud à Pekin, introduced thunderstruck Chinese diners to the wonders of French bistro fare.

John Maynard Keynes: Can the great economist save the world?

Revered in his day, John Maynard Keynes was later pilloried as a dinosaur of big-state meddling by Margaret Thatcher and her fellow free marketeers. But now, as untrammelled capitalism implodes once more, people are asking: could the great economist's ideas really save the world?

Beauty Queen: What perfume did Cleopatra dab behind her ears to

The combined efforts of Liz Taylor and the British Museum have done a good job of familiarising us with Cleopatra's make-up techniques, namely kohl and more kohl; and we've all heard that she softened her skin by bathing in asses' milk. One element of her ancient beauty routine is missing, however. What perfume did she dab behind her ears to impress Mark Antony and Caesar?