Hillary Clinton takes a victory lap in New York City

Clinton prepares for the general election

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NEW YORK — Thousands of New Yorkers piled into Manhattan's Javits Convention Center on Wednesday afternoon in the wake of Hillary Clinton's decisive Super Tuesday wins.

“Hello, New York,” Clinton said as she took center stage with Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” blaring. “It feels so good to be home.”

Supporters of the former Secretary of State seemed to show up in all shades and sizes in what felt like an appropriate celebration as Clinton's campaign overcame her relatively low favourability rating to secure 544 delegates compared to Bernie Sanders' 345. Both Clinton and Republican Donald Trump solidified themselves as the candidates to beat after Super Tuesday.

"Yesterday was one for the history books," Clinton said in the convention centre, surrounded by giant American flags. "Our campaign went nationwide!"

During the rally, Clinton positioned herself as the only candidate bringing forth solutions to expand middle class jobs, affordable college tuition and raises to minimum wages across the country.

Supporting Clinton was New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who immediately hit out at Trump.

“They say they want to make America great again,” he said. “They don't know what made America great in the first place.”

Rocking a maroon Carhartt jacket and a faded orange hard hat, 33-year-old Sharee Jones said that she's confident Clinton would beat Trump in the general election.

“I know there’s people out there who have a realistic approach as to what will actually help everyday citizens,” the Brooklyn-native told The Independent. “Hillary’s addressing the issues all of us are concerned about day-to-day. All we want is equality: equal rights and equal pay.”

Jones, a member of Carpenters Local Union 157, said that Clinton knows that “unions support families, and that’s what I’m doing right now — supporting my family off the wage I earn from the union.”