Live blog: Clinton and Trump win big in Arizona, as other results are outstanding

Three more states hit the polls on Tuesday.

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On a day that will be remembered for much more than the US presidential primaries, voters in three states are heading out to the polls.

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been declared the winners in Arizona.

Republicans voted in Arizona and Utah, where a total of 98 delegates are up for grabs. Democrats are hitting the polls in those states and Idaho, and 131 delegates will be decided.


In the Democratic contest, Mr Sanders and Mrs Clinton are fighting for 75 delegates in Arizona on Tuesday and hoping that Latino voters will propel them to victory. Twenty-two per cent of voters in Arizona are Latino and both candidates spent the past few weeks campaigning across the state. Senator Sanders has spent time campaigning at the US-Mexico border where he condemned Mr Trump and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Clinton also condemned Sheriff Arpaio, who was criticised for his treatments of inmates, at a Phoenix-area high school this week: “We are a nation of immigrants and of exiles. When I see people like Sheriff (Joe) Arpaio and others who are treating fellow human beings with such disrespect, with such contempt, it just makes my heart sink,” Ms Clinton said, according to KPNX-TV.

In the Republican contest, Mr Trump leads Mr Cruz in Arizona polls, according to Real Clear Politics. Although most polls show Cruz as a shoe-in for the Utah primaries, Mr Trump still obtains a wide lead with the lion's share of delegates.



Arizona (58 delegates): Donald Trump

Utah (40 delegates): No winner declared yet.

American Samoa (9 delegates): No winner declared yet.


Arizona (75 delegates): Hillary Clinton

Idaho (23 delegates): No winner declared yet.

Utah (33 delegates): No winner declared yet.