World History

Britain’s version of the Berlin Wall shows no sign of crumbling

Germany’s history over the past century is one of incredible upheaval and turbulence, yet its people have come to terms with what happened and emerged with a spirit of tolerance and multiculturalism that was once the hallmark of Britain. Peter Millar wonders why one nation is keen to embrace the future while the other can’t seem to let go of its past

India’s secret master of Second World War espionage

Under the codename of Silver, Bhagat Ram Talwar spied for Britain, Germany, Russia, Japan and Italy in the space of five years during the Second World War, but author Mihir Bose uncovers how his true loyalties lay with Indian independence

Mystery bones from ancient Greece may be a teenager sacrificed to Zeus

The ancient Greeks and Romans wrote grisly legends about Mount Lykaion. The Arcadian peak, some would write, was where one of the first Greeks tried to trick Zeus by feeding him a sacrifice tainted with human flesh. In punishment, the legend goes, Lycaon was either slain or turned into a wolf.

FBI closes case on the last skyjacker

The myterious 'JB Cooper' was a US sensation in 1971, when he parachuted into the night with a $200,000 ransom. Now the FBI finally admits that the trail has gone cold