Five Netflix sensations that will make you want to change your degree

We’ve all been mesmerised by characters excelling in cracking job roles. And how about those ones who start off as mere minions, only to end up flying high at the top? It can often make you want to change your life to be like them... but for now, a duvet and a passcode is all you need.

10 effortless ways to beat first term stress at university

As students, we never get much sympathy when we're stressed. We’re lost in a sea of other weighted bodies, most of them too busy to exchange their own work-related woes. And although we’re surrounded by people all the time, we can’t dismiss the fact that our feelings are going in one ear and out the other.

It's not all bad, right? The five best things about revision

Here it comes again. It’s that time of year when students gather all their educational nuts and hide away inside their damp student housing. Stressing out about all things in the future, words such as "cram" and "blag" are thrown around. Depressing Facebook statuses fill newsfeeds with the impending sense of failure, as the prisoners of higher education embark on one of the most challenging times of their university careers. However depressing, here are a few positives.