A taste of India

Ancient philosophies are at the heart of Shreyas Retreat near Bangalore. After trying the lodge's new cookery course, Olivia Greenway feels the benefits

Sriyah, King's Theatre , Edinburgh

Bijayini Satpathy has a terrifying stare. One of the three dancers of the Nrityagram Dance Ensemble, she performs storytelling dances in the Indian classical style Odissi. When she evokes the destructive qualities of gods and goddesses, she goes from feminine delicacy to a fierce glare, looking perfectly ready to dance the world to death.

Ireland win the world's hearts but still not the ICC's minds

The Irish marked their great World Cup victory against the English yesterday. If they were not exactly dancing in O'Connell Street, the match in which they chased down a record 329 to win was prominently featured on media outlets all day.

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