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Jayden Parkinson: Murder inquiry launched

Police searching for missing teenager Jayden Parkinson in Oxfordshire have confirmed their missing person investigation is now a murder inquiry, despite no body having yet been found.

Eyewitness accounts of Glasgow helicopter crash: 'You couldn't see

Scottish emergency workers are still working through wreckage for survivors of a police helicopter crash onto the crowded Clutha bar in Glasgow that has killed at least one person and injured more than two dozen. These eye witness accounts describe the tragedy as it unfolded last night.

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TV Review: Sex Box, Channel 4

Hey you, at the back! Stop that sniggering. People are trying to have sex here! In a box! On national television! If you saw the Porn on the Brain documentary last week, you'll already know about Channel 4's mission to challenge internet porn myths by getting people to talk more openly about what really goes on in the bedroom – or the box. And last night, in the new Mariella Frostrup-fronted panel show Sex Box, that mission was realised. Sort of.