Car Sales

Lancia Ypsilon

It may have a bewilidering family tree, but the new Ypsilon is still a likeable little car

Jaguar reports £1 billion profits

Jaguar Land Rover is celebrating a turnaround in fortunes after the British car maker reported pre-tax profits of more than £1 billion.

Auto Trader in the Pink

Car-buying website has reported a big spike in interest in pink cars after the colour guide Pantone named Honeysuckle Pink as its “Colour of the Year”. Honeysuckle Pink, best described as a shade of magenta, is forecast to be the most popular colour of 2011, and searches for magenta cars on rose from 2,629 in December 2010 to 9,863 in January.

Palle Huld: Actor whose round-the-world journey was the inspiration

As demonstrated again in the recently broadcast Arte television series, Sur Les Traces De Tintin – Following In Tintin's Footsteps – Hergé drew on a myriad sources to create the iconic globe-trotting reporter whose adventures have enchanted readers of all ages for eight decades now. However, the Belgian cartoonist, who used a pseudonym based onthe initials of his real name Georges Remi, led interviewers a merry dance when quizzed about the inspiration for his character, with claims of "Tintin, c'est moi", and honourable mentions for his younger brother Paul as well as a student friend with a propensity for plus fours.

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Black future for India's Model T

It was once said that you could have any car in India as long as it was a Hindustan Ambassador. But then came competition from overseas, and its sales went into reverse

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Put aside all the frustrations of the marque's turbulent history – this is the best Alfa in years