Carling Academy Brixton

La Roux, Brixton Academy, London

Through the haze of hairspray, the jungle of permed hair and the suffocating corsetry of ultra-tight jeans, it can be hard to remember that there were some good things about the Eighties.

Pavement, Brixton Academy, London

Stephen Malkmus, Pavement's lead singer, has achieved cult status amongst indie fans of a certain age; namely, those young enough to take Mark E Smith's claims of their plagiarism with a pinch of salt but old enough to remember them from before their 10 year hiatus began in 1999. In that time, the face of indie music changed tremendously, but on the evidence of tonight's set, the first of a four-night residency, Malkmus' awkward West coast mumble and the charm of the group he affectionately described as a "medium-big college-rock band" has remained.

LCD Soundsystem, Brixton Academy, London

On the Beastie Boys' 1998 song "Unite" they declare, "We're the scientists of sound, we're mathematically putting it down" (it's one of the more pointy-headed boasts in rap history). These lines, though, could easily be assigned to fellow New Yorker and sonic adventurer James Murphy, producer behind the DFA label and mastermind of LCD Soundsystem.

Lady Gaga, Brixton Academy, London

Artists such as Little Boots and La Roux may be grabbing the critical plaudits at the moment, but for sheer effort Lady Gaga is impossible to ignore. Every day there appears to be another set of pictures in the tabloids of an outlandishly attired Stefani Germanotta, resulting in accusations that she is doing nothing more than merely trying to generate controversy and column inches in a cold and calculated grab for pop stardom.

Dave Matthews Band, Brixton Academy, London

Before their support set for Bruce Springsteen in Hyde Park, Dave Matthews Band played a pair of "intimate" sets at Brixton Academy, one of London's largest venues. This is a group accustomed to stadium shows back home in the US; in the UK they are best known as one of the few huge American acts whose sound hasn't translated into fame this side of the pond. They remain, to an extent, uncategorisable: blues, bluegrass and jazz fusion all battle for their place in the DMB sound.

Hot Chip, Brixton Academy, London

So nu-rave was a bit of a non-event in the end, wasn't it? It's been a few months since the genre that spawned a thousand luminous T-shirts seemingly dissolved in a Hadouken!-shaped mess on the floor and, other than a pair of broken white Ray Bans, what have we to show for it?