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Charles Clarke

TEST Catch21 Productions presents: Uni-Q

Uni-Q is a new online show - best described as ‘Question Time’ meets ‘The Sunday Night Project’ - providing a forum for 16-25 year olds to pose questions to MPs and other high profile figures

Business leaders turn on 'Tsar Alan'

The arrival of Sir Alan Sugar into the Government as an “enterprise tsar” is just a desperate attempt by Gordon Brown to boost his public popularity, according to business leaders.

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My Week In Media: Graham Stuart

The comedy show I'm enjoying most at the moment is The Kevin Bishop Show on Friday nights. Along with Peep Show, it's the best Channel 4 comedy of recent times. He is a very talented comic and mimic and if you're going to do a spoof – which everyone wants to do – using the EPG as its basis is a really clever idea. Alexander Armstrong is great fun to watch in Mutual Friends. It is essentially Cold Feet, which is a hard act to follow, but it's pretty much there.