City Cars

The 10 best: city cars

Cars and cities don’t mix well but if a bicycle or Oyster card doesn't work for you, several manufacturers offer a choice of cheeky, nippy motors that will at least make all that time spent traffic jamming vaguely tolerable; here are ten of the best. They‘re all good for the occasional out-of-town journey and you may even turn a few heads as well.

Suzuki Alto

Price: £6,795

Top speed: 96 mph 0-60mph 13.5 seconds

Consumption: 64.2 mpg

CO2 emissions: 103g/km

Best for:
tight budgets

Also worth considering? Citroën C1; Fiat Panda; Kia Picanto

Ditch your own car – and share

Owning and running a car is one of the biggest annual expenses for most families in Britain. If you add up the cost per year of insurance, road tax, parking permits and a service, you'll be lucky to have any change back from £1,000. Then there's the petrol, which even after the recent falls in the oil price is much more expensive than most other countries in the world, and the depreciation on the value of your vehicle. These two costs alone can run into many thousands of pounds depending on how much you use your car, and what sort of vehicle you have.

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