How Picasso won over (some of) the British

Winston Churchill and Evelyn Waugh hated his work, but Picasso provided inspiration for a whole generation of UK artists, as Arifa Akbar discovers at Tate Britain's new exhibition

Robot research aims to assess damage to Picasso masterpiece

Every night, after the last visitor to Madrid's Reina Sofia Museum has left, the prestigious art gallery's newest curator flickers into life. The expert is a robot, which has begun the most exhaustive research ever performed on Picasso's renowned masterpiece, Guernica. The mission: to establish the extent of the damage the 75-year-old painting has sustained during its turbulent life.

Robert Marc: Cubist artist

Robert Marc's Cubist works are on show for the first time in the UK, having been hidden from the public eye for twenty years.

Picasso: Peace and Freedom

A major new exhibition will launch at Tate Liverpool later week, with over 150 works by Pablo Picasso set to go on display.

Great Works: Composition in White, Black and Red (1936) Piet Mondrian

People have tried to get computers to compose music, and with some success, especially if the music's form is relatively formulaic. You can program music "in the style of Mozart". It won't be much good, but it can yield something plausible, something Mozart might just have done on an off-day.

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A Continuous Line: Ben Nicholson in England, Abbot Hall, Kendal

The first wife of the painter Ben Nicholson, Winifred Nicholson, summed up the utopian beliefs of British modernism when she wrote: "To say a thing was modern was to say it was 'good', sweeping away Victorian, Edwardian, Old Theology, Old Tory views. In the new world there would be no slums, no unnecessary palm trees, no false ornament – but clarity, white walls, simplicity."