Why should we celebrate a hijabi Muslim woman in Playboy?

Do we really need to go down the route of associating with an institution based on the objectification of women in the name of challenging perceptions and celebrating female empowerment? Is this really how we reclaim our own narrative? 

Banning the burkini is misogynistic

Choosing to conflate a cultural and religiously inspired mode of attire – which women choose to wear to feel safe from the sexual gaze of society while partaking in a very ordinary pastime – with a terrorist group is a convenient ‘othering’ of fellow citizens in times of national crisis

I don't know what's worse, a burkini or a bikini

It doesn’t matter what culture you come from, women’s bodies and the way those bodies are dressed is still seen as public property – or, more accurately, the property of the patriarchy

Calling all men! Five ways you can be a feminist at work

Is the need for feminism dead? Saatchi & Saatchi boss Kevin Roberts seems to think so, at least in the advertising industry. He’s been put on leave for saying the gender equality debate in his industry is “over”. So at least one senior executive disagrees. Cindy Gallop, former president of global advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty in New York, meanwhile, has recently described advertising as: “a closed loop of white guys talking to other white guys about other white guys.”

Splash is the latest film to get an uninspiring gender swap

Many people have been celebrating the gender swap as some kind of feminist victory… but why? Because of the casting of a white, straight cis male in a role that was originally held by a woman? Hooray! Raise the roof. Hollywood, give yourself a slap on the back for this giant step for women-kind

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My message to the woman who told my child girls don't like Star Wars

I’ve lost count of the number of well-meaning but careless comments I’ve received since becoming pregnant with my second child: “If you have a boy, that’s when the fun really starts!”, “You’ll have your work cut out if it’s a boy!”, “Be prepared – it’ll be very physical!”