Do As the Romans Do

Continuing our Cookbook Confidential series, Julia Platt Leonard reviews Eleonora Galasso's latest Italian masterpiece

How to make the perfect New York-style bagel

Unless you live in New York, it can be tricky finding a good bagel. But you can easily cook them yourself - even if you’re a beginner, results will vastly surpass almost anything you’re likely to buy.

Use of antibiotics in pork 'causing antibiotic resistance in humans'

Research suggests pig factories may heavily use antibiotics on pigs as they often feature overcrowding which can lead to animals biting each other and subsequently spreading infection through their wounds. Many animals also have poor immune systems as they are taken from their mother while still suckling

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Travel guide to... Gourmet Italy

In the first of our three-part series on Italy, produced in association with Lonely Planet, Sarah Barrell introduces the country's varied regional delicacies, from Piedmont's truffles and risotto to Puglia's 'cocina povera'