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Grammar: The plucky punctuators fighting against apostrophe

Ten years ago, Lynne Truss published Eats, Shoots and Leaves: the Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation. It was doctrinaire about commas, semi-colons, dashes and other diacritical marks, and it seemed to signal the end of the line for the Grocer’s Apostrophe – you know the kind of thing: “Apple’s and Pear’s 75p a pound!”, “King Edwards Potatoe’s £1.99 a kilo”.

Should grammar tests be part of the school curriculum?

Keep a hand to your eraser - grammar wars are brewing. The new curriculum set out by Education Secretary Michael Gove was criticised in March by academics who called it an "endless list of spellings, facts, and rules"; in the last few days, more angst has flared up - particularly over the issue of spelling and grammar or 'Spag' tests. 

Why are we sharing the Charles Ramsey meme?

You've probably seen the Charles Ramsey video by now (if not, hey, it's right above). In the 3 minute clip, the neighbour of Ariel Castro, the man today charged with kidnapping and raping three women, describes how he heard one of the victims shout from next door and went over to help. It's become a viral hit - with almost ten million views on combined YouTube sources - but what's the root of its success?

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Will Dean's Ideas Factory: How does a robotic copy editor cope with

As the newspaper industry works out how to tackle the threat from free online news and other structural problems, some journalists can at least take heart that, no matter, what the medium – newsprint, the web, or electronic paper – a good copy editor is an essential role. As it is in publishing and advertising/copy-writing, too. When the robots are making our coffee and vacuuming our floors, at least they won't be criticising us for our use of cliches... Oh. Hang on a minute...