US Sketch: Chris Christie builds bridges in state address, but row

Lying low as the lane closure storm blows all about him hasn’t really been an option for New Jersey’s Chris Christie, least of all today. His diary said “State of the State”, the speech every Governor must give at the start of each year just as the President must give the State of the Union. There was no ducking it. 

Silence of the ’grams: India’s telegraph offices go quiet after

India’s telegram service has been withering for decades, to the extent that yesterday the last private messages were sent more than 160 years after the first. Yet for 24 hours it was like the good old days as hundreds of people visited the country’s 75 offices to send their final missives to friends and family, and staff holidays were cancelled to meet the demand.

Review: BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite harbours some lofty ambitions as it paints its picture of American exceptionalism

Travel agenda

Campervan weekends, Malawi, Paris by bike, cool sleeps, Harbour House, Cuban cruise, and trolley cases

Cyclone Rusty heads for Australian north west

Australia's major iron ore port was shut down and residents along a remote stretch of the country's west coast ordered to take shelter as a powerful cyclone bore down on the region today, bringing drenching rains and lashing winds.

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