Jade Goody

Frankie Boyle: I Would Happily Punch Every One of You in the Face, New

Who better, I thought, to shake us out of credit-crunch fatigue and the cuts commotion than the scything Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle? It's a last act of "kindness" before his early retirement from live performance, announced two years ago and which finally begins at the end of this tour.

Martin Amis: Talking about a revolution

Martin Amis has woven his dead sister Sally, the casualty of an unequal struggle with the mores of her generation, into the erotic dystopia of his new book. Boyd Tonkin visits the novelist at his home to hear how she asked her brother to write about her life

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Pandora: Not just any old dispute: Dave's advertising woes

Goodness. It appears David Cameron's relationship with his local authorities has once again come under strain (you will recall that the Tory leader ran into a spot of bother back in 2007, after erecting a 6ft high, £3,000 wind turbine on the roof of his Notting Hill home.)