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Simon Ward: Dashing actor who made his name playing the young Winston

Simon Ward was a handsome actor whose patrician, public-school demeanour made him ideal casting for dashing period romances and for the screen role that brought him international prominence, that of the youthful Winston Churchill in Richard Attenborough's Young Winston (1971). On stage, he had already received favourable notice for his role in the original production of Joe Orton's Loot (1967), and he later starred in such films as All Creatures Great and Small (1975), as the author James Herriot) and Zulu Dawn (1979), as Lieutenant Vereker.

John Forsythe: Actor who played Blake Carrington in 'Dynasty' and the

It is ironic that an actor who so distinguished himself in films and on Broadway before winning fame as Blake Carrington on television in Dynasty should perhaps still be best remembered for a role in which viewers never even saw him, that of the elusive Charlie in Charlie's Angels, whose disembodied voice on a phone line gave his girl detectives their new assignment each week.

Star: how Warren Beatty seduced America, By Peter Biskind

What is Warren Beatty best known for? Starring in Bonnie and Clyde? Directing the three-hour epic of the Russian revolution, Reds? Wielding a phallic hairdryer in Shampoo? Possessing a heartfelt political conscience that made him stand out among the vacuous dreamers of Hollywood? I'm afraid you already know the answer. It's none of the above. It's the shagging.

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Angela Morley: Composer and arranger who worked with Scott Walker and

The full extent of Angela Morley's credits may not be fully appreciated as she spent the first 48 years of her life as Wally Stott. Combining her identities and her talents for composition, conducting and arrangement, Morley was responsible for several film scores including Peeping Tom (1959) and The Slipper And The Rose (1975), episodes of the TV series Dallas and Dynasty, hit records by the likes of Frankie Vaughan, Shirley Bassey and Scott Walker, and TV and radio themes, including for the renowned Hancock's Half Hour.

Escape from suburbia: Simon Doonan's best-selling memoirs have been

Thirteen-year-old Simon, the central character in Beautiful People, a new BBC2 comedy series, is a delicate flower struggling to blossom in what he sees as the cultural desert of Reading, circa 1997. Incapable of opening a fridge door without breaking into a show tune, he is appalled by the vulgarity and ordinariness of his surroundings. His sense of horror peaks when the family's blind lodger, known as Aunty Hayley, gives him a purple and pink shell suit as a present. "Two fashion pointers," he sighs. "Never wear nylon. And never wear nylon bought by a blind person."

Interiors: Berry nice

Turning a drug den into a stylish home isn’t a breeze, but designer Mimi Berry did it with panache, says Charlotte Philby