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The Avalon, 16 Balham Hill, London SW12

What do you want from your friendly neighbourhood gastropub? Striking the right balance between pub and gastro is a tricky business, like getting the correct proportions of gin and Cointreau in a White Lady. You can't afford to dispense entirely with the pints-and-pork-scratchings, pubby stuff, or your inherited clientele will totter uncertainly off elsewhere. But if you start offering pub customers "confit leg of venison" in a "star anise jus" for £13.50, you've got to ensure the quality matches the pretension.

Pandora: Dave gets shirty over order to undress

This month's edition of the men's magazine GQ carries a 22-page photoshoot by David Bailey, featuring the nation's leading political movers. The Foreign Secretary David Miliband – spotted at the weekend vainly trying to coax his three-year-old son back on to his bicycle – stares steely-eyed from the glossy pages, flecks of grey in his hair. The small print reveals that Miliband, the son of a Marxist theorist, wore a £495 Hackett suit, a £69 Hugo Boss tie – and a Marks & Spencer shirt. Truly a man of the people!

An urban tree-planting scheme is attracting everyone from hoodies to

Recognising a catwalk model is not always easy – and it becomes especially difficult when she's swathed in worker gear and wearing outsize gloves while engaged in a spot of tree-planting. At Lant Street, in Southwark, south-east London this sunny Saturday morning, the whole estate has turned out for a midwinter tree-planting session. In these surroundings, the sight of a skinny blonde girl helping a local estate kid could easily go unnoticed.