Peter Snow: Painter and theatre designer

Peter Snow was one of the most imaginative, unconventional, erudite and versatile British artists and designers of the past half-century. As well as solo exhibitions and numerous group show appearances, he designed widely for plays, operas and the ballet and formed and ran an enterprising theatre company. In 1955, he designed the first English production of Beckett's Waiting for Godot for Peter Hall.

Pandora: Dave gets shirty over order to undress

This month's edition of the men's magazine GQ carries a 22-page photoshoot by David Bailey, featuring the nation's leading political movers. The Foreign Secretary David Miliband – spotted at the weekend vainly trying to coax his three-year-old son back on to his bicycle – stares steely-eyed from the glossy pages, flecks of grey in his hair. The small print reveals that Miliband, the son of a Marxist theorist, wore a £495 Hackett suit, a £69 Hugo Boss tie – and a Marks & Spencer shirt. Truly a man of the people!