Afghan and US reports fail to agree on Koran burning

Conflicting conclusions appear to have emerged from two inquiries into the burning of the Koran at Bagram airbase, amid reports that British war graves in Libya were desecrated in retaliation for the mishandling of the holy book.

Fury at Koran burning fuels Afghan violence

Violent protests spread further across Afghanistan during a third day of violence yesterday after the Taliban urged people to rise up following the burning of a Koran by a Florida church.

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John Walsh: God is so many things to so many people

For a chap who probably doesn't exist, a man-invented metaphysical construct, God has been everywhere this week. He's been more in the news than Wayne Rooney's "well-brought-up" hooker. First Professor Stephen Hawking informed us that you didn't need God to kick-start the universe, and that it had created itself out of nothing, a bit like Piers Morgan. Then Baroness Greenfield, professor of "synaptic pharmacology" at Oxford, confronted the professor and said it would be a shame if young people thought that, to be a scientist, you had to be an atheist.