Mapless monarch butterflies migrate using 'internal compass'

The North American monarch butterfly’s amazing migration, travelling thousands of miles each year from its wintering grounds in Mexico to as far north as the Great Lakes of Canada and back, is done without any internal maps, a study has found.

Flaming Lips singer regrets fake grenade at airport

The frontman of the rock band The Flaming Lips, who attempted to take a replica grenade on to a domestic flight, prompting a security “lockdown” at Oklahoma City airport, has admitted he had “not quite thought” about the possible consequences of his actions.

Portfolio: Fabian Oefner

Few of us have heard of ferrofluids. But, thanks to their magnetic properties, these oily liquids, packed with tiny iron particles, have a number of applications, from sealing computer hard-drives to enhancing medical imaging – and, more recently, their use as an art medium.

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The Stars: September

Devourer of asteroids, swallower of comets: Jupiter is a world to be reckoned with. It's the giant of our Solar System: a planet that could contain 1,300 Earths.

Album: The Divine Comedy, Bang Goes The Knighthood (DCR)

Unstrapping his shin pads after last year's success with The Duckworth Lewis Method, Neil Hannon returns to his main day-job with Bang Goes The Knighthood, an album on which the cast of familiar Divine Comedy characters are targeted with his usual precision and urbanity.

Sun's magnetic field may have caused freezing winter

It was the coldest winter in England since 1963 – the coldest in Scotland since 1914 – and weeks of ice, snow and sub-zero temperatures from last December to March defied predictions by climate-change scientists of milder, wetter winters. So what happened?