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Geraint Bowen: Archdruid of Wales who campaigned against nuclear

As Archdruid of Wales from 1979 to 1981, Geraint Bowen was renowned for his hard-hitting speeches from the Logan Stone in the ceremonies of the Assembly of Bards of the Isle of Britain (the Gorsedd). Not only did he speak out against the Anglicisation of Wales and in defence of the Welsh language, as Archdruids are expected to do, but also lent his authority to the campaign for a fourth television channel broadcasting in Welsh and against the burying of nuclear waste. In this he ran the risk of upsetting some of the more pusillanimous officers of the National Eisteddfod, to which the Gorsedd is closely affiliated.

50 years of PMQs

No other parliament has anything like Prime Minister's Questions. Chris Moncrieff, who has covered it from the start, gives his verdict

I'd be proud to follow Blair and Brown's lead, says Burnham

Andy Burnham, one of four former cabinet ministers vying to be the next Labour leader, has announced that he is "proud" to be seen as the candidate who would carry on where Gordon Brown and Tony Blair left off. He defended the most contentious decision of the Blair years, to send British troops to war in Iraq, unlike his rivals, Ed Miliband and Ed Balls, who have distanced themselves from the war.

Thatcher's economic guru dies at 82

Professor Sir Alan Walters, the former economics adviser to Margaret Thatcher whose controversial role led to the resignation of Nigel Lawson, has died at the age of 82.

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