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Noel Gallagher

Album review: Jake Bugg, Shangri La, Virgin/EMI

If the challenge faced by Jake Bugg on his second album is to prove you can take the boy out of Clifton (the Nottingham council estate where he was born) without taking all traces of Clifton out of the boy, then it’s one he rises to. Those who see Bugg’s so-called “authenticity” — whatever that means — as a storm of hype might spy signs of “grooming” in the decision to record in LA with producer Rick Rubin, but the follow-up to his hit debut makes the Midlands-to-Malibu move look largely seamless: as an exercise in expanded range, Shangri La is too diverse and distinct to dismiss.

Noel and Liam go at it in the High Court

The deterioration in relations between the Gallagher brothers was revealed in papers lodged at the High Court, detailing accusations of domestic abuse, violent assault and a pattern of "spiteful and childish" behaviour.

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Noel Gallagher solo concerts announced

Noel Gallagher's only two concerts planned for this year have been announced as part of a string of charity gigs climaxing with a performance of Quadrophenia by The Who.

Observations: Psychedelia and some heavy lifting: what Noel Gallagher

After Noel Gallagher's seemingly irrevocable split from Oasis, fans have searched recent interviews with the benefit of hindsight to seek hints about his dramatic move. One area that deserves closer inspection, though, is the star's extra-curricular activities. For while his main band limped to its ignominious end, the elder Gallagher has been dallying with the psychedelic collective Amorphous Androgynous (AA).

Oasis - Don't look back in anger

Noel Gallagher's decision to quit Oasis is years overdue, says Nick Hasted. The band were no longer relevant. And yet there is much to celebrate about their Champagne Supernova