Pablo Picasso

Art Since 1989: The dawn of a new cultural epoch

At the end of the Eighties, the world was convulsed by revolutions in politics, science and technology - and with them, old notions of art became redundant. In a new book, Kelly Grovier explains how anything goes now - and why it should

Tim Key: ‘I’ve framed CD sleeves, playing cards, crisp packets –

Recently, I had a fantastic, almost spiritual, experience with a slaphead in a framing shop. I love watching people work at the best of times, but there was something really amazing about watching this bald craftsman getting his hands on a print and thumbing it into a stained-cherry-wood rectangle. It was quite emotional.

Britain’s favourite Picasso heads to Qatar after failure to raise

One of the best-loved works by Pablo Picasso on display in Britain is set to leave the country next month with Qatar its likely destination. Experts have expressed dismay that Child with a Dove could not be saved for the nation, suggesting steps to increase philanthropy “may not be enough”.

Review: Lichtenstein: A Retrospective, Tate Modern, London

With an artist quite so well known as Roy Lichtenstein (can anyone not be aware of his imagery?), it is always tempting for a gallery to try and freshen him up with a novel interpretation. Mercifully Tate Modern, which has been particularly guilty in the past, has decided this time to play it straight.

Becoming Picasso, Courtauld Gallery, London

The Courtauld Gallery, which has brought us a succession of tightl focused small exhibitions in recent years, has come up with another real stunner. Becoming Picasso is the story of the Spanish painter’s arrival – brash, determined and hungry for the bohemian life – in the French capital in 1901.

Picasso helps baby see the big picture

A few years ago now, former Goldman Sachs employee-turned-venture-philanthropist Yana Peel noticed that her toddler son had become fascinated by a piece of art hanging in the family home. Sara Walking, by Julian Opie, the artist who found widespread acclaim after designing the cover art for Blur: The Best Of, featured a traffic light-like outline of a woman doing precisely what its title suggested: walking.

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Daring Dutch art heist nets Monet, Picasso and Freud paintings 'worth

For 20 years, Willem Cordia had relaxed from overseeing the shipping-to-textiles business empire that earned him the nickname the “Onassis of Rotterdam” by becoming one of the world’s largest art collectors, amassing 250 works by some of the most illustrious names in painting.