Get cracking: Don't just fry them for breakfast – eggs are

From Monday we are going to be celebrating British Egg Week – and as you may have deduced from the number of times that egg recipes have appeared in my column over the years, I am a dedicated fan. Eggs are so versatile, easy and nutritious and we too often overlook them as a source of reasonably priced, delicious meals.

The Diary: Richard Hamilton; Jimmy Carr; John Constable; Bompas and

At the ripe old age of 88, Richard Hamilton is showing his playful side as he curates a show opening at the Alan Cristea Gallery next month. Titled "Shit and Flowers", it will include, deep breath, paintings from the artist's lesser-known scatological phase. Not shown since the 1970s and never as a group, the works consist of romantic, pastoral scenes, worthy of Watteau, into which the godfather of Pop Art has painted Andrex loo rolls and rather less fragrant elements. "Flowery allure is an irrelevant anachronism in the context of cultural ideas in our period", Hamilton explains. "It takes perversity and a touch of irony to make it tolerable."

'Thank you, our beautiful boy'

After the death of his son, David Cameron writes: 'He leaves a hole in our life so big that words can't describe it.'

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