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Political Prisoners

Andy McSmith's Diary: Only $20bn? I’m worth a princely sum more than

The rich can have different sensibilities from the rest of us. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a relative of the King of Saudi Arabia and reputedly the world’s richest Arab, has been deeply offended by Forbes Magazine placing him 26th on its rich list, with an estimated wealth of $20 billion.

Thousands march against 'thief' Vladimir Putin in central Moscow

A year on from Vladimir Putin’s return to the Kremlin, thousands of Muscovites rallied in a central Moscow square to protest against his rule. “Putin is a thief!” was a popular chant at the rally. “We are fighting for Russia, for our country, our future,” said Gennady Gudkov a former MP who has been stripped of his mandate since joining the opposition movement.

Sir Denis Forman: Granada executive hailed as a pioneer of commercial

The pipe-puffing, braces-wearing Denis Forman was one of the godfathers of commercial television in Britain. He firmly believed in making high-quality programmes that were also popular. Under his stewardship, Granada Television was particularly noted for the investigative journalism and dramas that it produced for the ITV network.

Ikea used forced prison labour to make furniture

Ikea, the Swedish furniture giant whose flat-pack offerings grace homes from Bolton to Bangkok, has admitted that East German political prisoners had been used to make its goods for as long as three decades.

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Riot police arrest ousted Maldives president

The island nation of the Maldives has been plunged into fresh political turmoil after armed police arrested a former president while he was campaigning ahead of next year's election.