Calm down, dear - but I'm getting hitched in pyjamas

When a man has evaded marriage until the age of 75, he has probably earned the right to wear pyjama bottoms on his wedding day. And that is precisely how Michael Winner will be attired when he finally ends the longest bachelordom in Britain.

Picture of the day: Room for a tall one?

With six feet to spare, the triple-masted Colombian barque ARC Gloria slid through the raised bascules of Tower Bridge yesterday to end a three-day goodwill visit to London.

Pic of the Day: It's a long, long way down

The Yucatan peninsula in Mexico is estimated to have 6,400 cenotes, or sinkholes, and although they are hardly recommended for amateurs, they make for perfect diving pools for the likes of Orlando Duque.

Video: The Place Prize 2011 - the finalists

The four dance pieces shortlisted for The Place Prize 2011, the UK’s biggest award in choreography, will be performed every night from today until 16 April at the eponymous Euston-based dance theatre .

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