The top 12 TV Westerns

There was a time when Westerns ruled the small screen, often taking the form of action-packed weekly morality plays. Now that they are being reinvented for a new audience, Graeme Ross rounds up the genre’s best

How technology changed 'The X-Files,' on-screen and off: Q&A

Earlier this year, The X-Files got its chance at a reboot, with six new episodes filmed after fans campaigned to bring the show back. The new episodes were set 14 years after the series ended – mirroring the real world since the Fox series went off the air in 2002.

When love and art collide

Every artist has a muse, but what happens when two creative geniuses get together? This fascinating new 10-part series from Sky Arts, Artists In Love, reveals all

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What does failure feel like?

From disastrous novels to ruined paintings, Sky Arts’ new season of programmes on failure explores the flip side of creativity