Ted Kennedy

Obama's health warning

As hopes of compromise on reform fade at televised bipartisan summit, President hints at political war

Obama finds surprise ally in Brown

In a rare flicker of bipartisanship, the Senate has managed to overcome a threatened Republican filibuster on a jobs bill, dispelling at least temporarily a growing sense that gridlock in Congress has brought the country close to ungovernability.

Fixer: The rehabilitation of Edward Kennedy

Nobody knows what happened at Chappaquiddick, and Ted Kennedy was never really trusted afterwards. But in his later years came a remarkable redemption, writes veteran reporter Fred Emery

The Big Question: Why has Wikipedia changed editorial policy, and will

Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia launched by American entrepreneur Jimmy Wales in 2001 with the idealistic intention of being an online repository of all human knowledge, announced this week that it would have to abandon one of its founding principles. To combat a growing amount of vandalism on the website, a two-month trial is being initiated whereby entries will be edited before they go up on the site. Previously, any user was allowed to make – almost – any change to any entry: this was hailed as part of the democratising power of the internet. But a sharp increase in false information – particularly in relation to people still alive – has forced a rethink.

Portuguese will become First Dog at the White House

The business of choosing a First Dog has been almost as stressful as picking a US Commerce Secretary. Finally, though, a kind of consensus has emerged. It will be a Portuguese water dog from a rescue shelter and it will arrive in April. For the name, we will have to wait a bit longer.

So is Wikipedia cracking up?

It was a utopian vision: an encyclopedia for the people, by the people. But eight years on, Wikipedia is plagued by endless hoaxes, and lurches from one cash crisis to another. Will it become a footnote in the history of the web? Stephen Foley reports

Kennedy speech electrifies Democratic convention

A small whip of electricity coursed through delegates on the floor of the Pepsi Center as they watched the video tribute to Ted Kennedy on Monday night. Blue and white signs bearing the party patriarch's name were being passed around by ushers. Behind the podium on stage, a tall stool had materialised.

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