Tower Of London

Sketches show final days of Irish hero Roger Casement before execution

The sketch of Sir Roger Casement in the Tower of London in 1916, drawn three weeks after he was arrested after landing from a German submarine in Ireland, shows him reclining on a bench. One leg is crossed under him and the other hangs down, revealing a torn and ragged trouser end and a battered boot without any shoelaces.

Olympics by the numbers

The London 2012 festival has kicked off to celebrate 'the remarkable culture in Britain'. By Nick Clark

Beefeater boss says he was framed

A cannabis plant was used to discredit the former governor of the Tower of London during an inquiry into bullying of the first female Beefeater, an employment tribunal has heard.

Inside Travel: European city cards

Tourism passes can help save money on key attractions and public transport – but some are better value than others, says Simon Calder

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