Debate: Should everyone get a pre-nuptial agreement?

Myleene Klass has said she regrets not getting a pre-nup now she and her ex have divorced. As pre-nuptial agreements become increasingly common in the UK, should we all put practicalities above romance and protect ourselves with a pre-nup?

Russell Brand doesn't vote. Should you?

There's an old saying that goes, "if voting could really change anything, it would be illegal". In a bravado performance this week Russell Brand declared he never had voted, and never would, as to do so only props up a dilapidated, cruel and greedy political edifice. So is not voting a valid political stance?

Russell Brand on Newsnight: Would you join Russell's revolution?

Russell Brand is on everyone's lips. He heckled the GQ awards, wrote the latest in a series of brilliant pieces about them, and is now guest editing the New Statesman. Last night the comic and actor promised a "revolution" on Newsnight. But would you follow him to the wall?